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"We, at TSW Industries, are trying hard to keep up with the ever changing dynamics in FMCG packaging and striving to propose always new, flexible and cost effective solutions." - Freberto Falcioni -

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Tsw Industries S.r.l. is committed to protecting your Personal Information and this document is intended to help you understand what personal information of yours we are able collect and how it could be used.

What a cookie is and how we use it
Cookies is a simple text file which is stored on your computer or mobile from a website and which only that server will be able to recuperate or read its content. It contains some anonymous information and allows the website to remember few data.

Why we use cookie
We are always searching for ways to improve our website, to simplify the knowledge of our services and proposals. We have classified the most commonly used cookie according to their specific use and classify them as: essential, functional, statistical, behavioural, third part , session or permanent. Only some of them are used on our website.

How to control the Cookie
The " Help" section of your browser should be able to help with the management of the cookie settings. If you do not wish to receive cookies, you can modify your browser settings so it warns when they are sent. It is also possible to delete a cookie that has already been saved through your browser settings at any time. You can choose whether to accept a cookie that is set on our website or not from the cookie settings page . We inform you that our website mainly operates without the use of cookies but if you choose to disable it, you will lose features and functionality.

How to enable or disable cookie on browser

Google Chrome
    Click on the English icon found on the browser toolbar
    Select "Settings"
    Click on “Advanced settings"
    Click on "Content settings" in the "Privacy" section
    Select " Allow data storage locally " to enable cookies in the "Cookie" section. This will enable both, first-party and third parties cookies . On the other hand, to enable only first-party cookies only, activate " Block third-party cookies and site data”.
    Select "Prevent sites from setting any data” to disable cookies completely,
    There are various levels of enabling cookies in Chrome. For more information on Chrome cookie settings, please refer to the following page:  


Microsoft Internet Explorer
    Click " Tools" at the top of the browser window and select "Internet Options”
    Shift to " Privacy"
    To enable cookies : Move the selector to " Medium " or lower
    To disable all cookies : Move the selector completely to other
    There are various levels of enabling cookies on Internet Explorer . For more information on Internet Explorer cookie settings, refer to the following Microsoft page :

http://windows.microsoft.com/it-it/windows7/block-enable-or-allow-cookies http://windows.microsoft.com/en-GB/windows-vista/Block-or-allow-cookies

Mozilla Firefox
    Click on " Options " on the browser menu
    Select the " Privacy" panel
    To enable cookies : Select the " Accept cookies from sites "
    To disable cookies : Clear the " Accept cookies from site
    There are various levels of enabling cookies on Internet Explorer. For more information on Internet Explorer cookie settings, refer to the following Mozilla page :

http://support.mozilla.org/it-IT/kb/enable-and-disable-cookies-website-preferences http://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/Enabling%20and%20disabling%20cookies

    Click on " Settings " on the browser menu
    Select " Express settings"
    To enable cookies : select " Enable Cookies"
    To disable cookies : clear " Enable Cookies"
    There are various levels of enabling cookies on Internet Explorer. For more information on Opera cookies, refer to the following Opera pages: http://www.opera.com/browser/tutorials/security/privacy/

Safari OSX
    Click on " Safari " on the menu bar and select " Preferences "
    Click on " Security "
    To enable cookies : select “Accept Cookies” and “Only for the site I am browsing”
    To disable cookies : In the " Accept Cookies " select " No/Never "
    There are various levels of enabling cookies on Internet Explorer. For more information on Opera cookies, refer to the following Apple page :


For all browsers
Refer to online “help” section of the browser in use .

If you are using several, different devices to view and access sites ( eg , computer, smartphone, tablet, etc. ), Make sure that each browser on each device is set to reflect your cookie preferences. To delete cookies from the Internet browser of your smartphone or tablet you should refer to the user manual of that device.

Must we accept a cookie in order to visit the site

No, not necessarily. A cookie can be disabled, including those used by our website, simply by blocking the cookie function in your browser or denying permission for disclosures. However, some sections of the website, as for other website pages, may not operate properly when this function is disabled. For example in the case of access to private areas when the website will not proceed in absence of authentication given by a cookie.

Where to find more information on cookies

Privacy Guarantor

Independent Organizations


Types of Cookies

An "Essential" cookie is strictly necessary to enable the specific functions required. For example, e-commerce sites (when the consumer has a shopping trolley), will not work without the use of a cookie and is needed when adding items to your trolley and proceeding through checkout. A Cookie which is essential for the use of a website is exempted from EU instructions, but we wish you to have complete information on it.

Our web site does NOT use ‘essential‘cookies.

"Functional" cookies are used to provide services or to remember settings in order to improve your visit and experience through our website.

Our web site does NOT use ‘functional’ cookies.

"Statistical" cookies collect information on how our website is used, for example: what pages you visit and any errors that you may encounter. These cookies are completely anonymous and are only used to help us improve our website and understand the interests of our users.

We use statistical cookies to:

Provide statistical information on how you use our website;

Help us improve the website by registering any errors that occur.

So-called ‘statistical’ cookies are NOT used for ...

Gathering information that could be used to advertise products or services for you on other websites.

In some cases, some of these cookies are managed for us by third parties, but we do not allow them to use cookies for purposes other than those listed above.

This website uses so-called ‘Statistical’ cookies (utma,_utmb,_utmc,_utmz).

A "Monitoring" cookie is connected to the services provided by third parties and monitors the effectiveness of advertising.

This website uses third party cookies, in anonymous way and through anonymization of IP address

‘Behavioural’ cookies are used to collect data on your surfing habits and preferences, perform profiling and / or customization for advertising purposes, carry out market research or online sales. This is called behavioural and targeted advertising. These treatments are controlled very carefully by the European and Italian legislators, which impose very restrictive rules. In fact, the EU orders internet operators to request prior consent on behalf of the user before using cookies to carry out behavioural advertising or for any purpose other than that strictly necessary to provide the service requested by the user

This website does NOT use so-called Behavioural cookies.

The distinction between session cookies and permanent cookies can be made according to their persistence on the user's terminal. Those that are deleted automatically at the end of each surfing session, are called "session cookies" and are used by this website; vice versa, if they have a longer life, they are called ‘permanent cookies. This site uses permanent cookies for Google Analytics.

Below, a list of so-called ‘statistical’ cookies used on our website:




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